“You cannot stay in front of the computer for this long! ” My mom said to me while I was enjoying to surf on the internet. But I enjoyed what I was doing and I refused to stop what I was doing. It seems to match what Sue Thomas said that going outside and living on a real kind of life is unrealistic. That is what I did, but I never thought about it.

And I enjoyed to post my pictures which is the scenery of my house on the internet and more often to use landscapes as my computer background. I never thought about why I do this, just because I felt comfortable and joyful to do this. I never asked myself that “Why do we adorn our screens with exotic images of forests, waterfalls, animals and beaches?”(Sue Thomas). According to Sue Thomas, it “lies in biophilia, defined by biologist E.O. Wilson as ‘the innate attraction to life and lifelike processes’.” 

In the previous topics of Mataliteracy learning, we more focus on the information we receive and how to distinguish the information. They create a relationship between metaliteracy and the internet, the new social media environment and the politics, but not ourselves–our body and our nature. Technobiophilia is a way to combine machines with the nature which find a way to balance and integral our relationship with the machines and with the nature (Sue Thomas).

In the first day of the information literacy, the professor said that he hoped what we learnt from this class we can bring to the future life wherever in school and in workplace. Similarly, the purpose of technobiophilia is to help make learning be a lifelong process which applies what the professor said– use what you learnt not only now, but also in the future. Information literacy is a lifelong learning and research method which technobiophilia can help balance and keep track of the digital well-being–doing our own good.



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